Dear Parents,


This information should give you a good outline of the expectations for the year ahead for you child in Year 5.  This year sees the children becoming more established members of the school as they move up to Upper Key Stage Two.  They are expected to set a good example to the younger children in terms of behaviour and attitude throughout each day and will be given a number of key roles of responsibility in the school.



English will be taught using four different focuses this year – comprehension, grammar, spelling and composition lessons, which will make up the 5 hours of English taught throughout a week.  Work will be differentiated, as in all areas in order to meet the various needs and work levels.  Extension or extra support will be provided, where necessary.  This year we are following the Collins Treasure House scheme of works – which clearly set out expectations for the children as well as providing them with a rich library of example texts to be used in supporting their own composition of work.





Once every fortnight the class teacher will work intensively with the class in developing and extending their reading skills.  This is ‘Guided Reading’ and it will be noted in your child’s home school book.  Each child will also read with an adult once a fortnight which will be noted in the home school book.


Your child will also take part in weekly Paired Reading every Monday.  This activity not only allows children’s reding to improve but also increases confidence and provides opportunities for the children to form relationships with children in other year groups.


Reading at home with your child is still expected and this should be recorded in the column of the home school book that you have allocated for parent comments.  Your child will have the opportunity to change their reading book within the school day, but this can only be done in response to a written comment in their home School book.

Your child's reading will be assessed on a regular basis and any changes in their reading level will be recorded in their Home/School book. As your child's reading develops and they begin to access higher levels, the range of texts to choose from increases and as a result it will take longer to complete each level.


Your child will be given a set of weekly spellings every Monday and will be tested on them on a Friday morning. Spellings will begin to focus on structures such as prefixes and suffixes, improving the children’s understanding of changing the word correctly. The best way for your child to practice their spellings is to learn a few spellings each night and to use the 'look, say, cover, write, check strategy.' In addition, your child will complete a keyword test every half term. You will be informed, in advance, when this will be. Your children are encouraged to spell unfamiliar words as well as access to dictionaries; they are encouraged to attempt to spell the word first before asking the teacher to help them.



The children should take pride and show enthusiasm towards their learning.  We will work to develop good working habits and to remember to neatly present our work – underlining the date and title, sitting our writing on the lines etc.


Handwriting practice will continue weekly. During these sessions your children will continue to develop their cursive writing and the relevant letter joins using the Berol Handwriting scheme that is used throughout the school. Handwriting books are given to each child and children are given a particular focus on which to improve during these lessons.


I will send some handwriting packs home for children who need to develop their cursive handwriting, please encourage your child to complete this regularly.  It is very important for the children to take pride in the presentation of their work.


I am hoping the children will all continue to improve so they can all achieve their pen licences before year 6!


Daily Mathematics lessons cover number, measurement, geometry, and statistics.  We will be using a range of materials to suit the learning objective being taught and to match the needs of your children.  These make the work more accessible and appealing to each different type of learner within our class.  Through this your child will develop both their written and mental math’s skills and will be provided with many opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge to 'real life' problems. The presentation of their work in their math’s books is very important.  Children must remember to set out their books with a margin, date, title and learning objective.

Knowledge of their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 are important and are an underlying element needed for success and progress in most areas of mathematics.  We will complete a multiplication test once a week focusing on multiplication and division facts to encourage fluency, this will be carried out each Friday.  It is vital that the children continue to practice their multiplication tables at home in order to secure perfect recall.

Religious Education

As a whole school, we are continuing to follow the “Come and See” programme for Catholic Schools. This term we start with ‘Ourselves’.  Through the year the children will work to explore their thoughts and feelings through a range of different stories and bible passages.  As we move through the school year, the children will also have a fantastic opportunity to learn about other faiths, this year focusing on Hinduism and Judaism.   This enables the children to understand the signs, symbols and traditions of alternative faiths.


Each class has a Saint, in Class Five we will learn about Saint Francis of Assissi, his feast day is on the 4th October.





This year we will be following the Collins Snap Science scheme of work which will cover a wide range of topics, encouraging the use of enquiry to develop practical exploration and investigations.


The topics for Year 5, in no particular order are as follows:

Life Processes, Life Cycles, Materials, Forces, Mixtures and, Earth and Space.




The History topics we will be looking at this year are:


Ancient Greece, Shang Dynasty and Stone Age to Iron Age.



The Geography topics we will be looking at this year are:


Marvellous Maps, Magnificent Mountains, Enough for Everyone (Energy and Environment) and Eastern Europe.




In Year 5 we shall be studying computing rather than ICT as it has been in previous years.  The big change with this approach is that computing will equip your children to use computational thinking and creativity that will be used and applied across the world.  The areas of lessons will focus on different aspects of computing from programming and computational thinking to creativity and productivity.  The activities that will take place as a result will be to develop educational games and producing digital music.




We will also be having a weekly, whole class flute lesson, delivered by Mr. Clarke. Year 5 will be using the Charanga and Music Express schemes of work.



We will continue with our weekly French lessons this year, studying conversational skills for different topics and learning more about French culture.



Home forms an important part of your child’s independent learning.  Please encourage them to complete their homework on time.  The children should be able to complete most tasks independently as the work is differentiated to suit their needs.  All homework is set to consolidate or extend skills taught in the lessons each week.  It may also be used as an initial assessment of the children’s skills before we begin a new topic.  Homework will be given out once a week on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday.  If there are any problems with homework children should come to see me on Monday morning for support, or if there are any other issues in completing homework, please let me know and I will be happy to help!


Some of the Maths homework set may use Mathletics as a resource.  It is also an expectation that children should spend 20 minutes daily on Mathletics Live.  This is the amount of time recommended in order for children to achieve maximum benefit.

Home School Books

The home school book is an important way of communicating; please write any messages for me, comments about reading, etc.  in your child’s home school book.  Each week the main Maths and English objectives will be glued in for you to read and support.  Homework, spellings and multiplication tables tests are also recorded in the home school book.





Assessment is an ongoing process throughout the year.


We do carry out half termly summative assessments in addition to the daily monitoring of children’s progress.  Half termly assessments of reading and spelling of key words will be carried out; these can be found at the front of the home school book and should be revised regularly.


Formative assessment is used daily in class, this kind of assessment helps me to understand how the children are feeling about their learning and to support or extend children as appropriate in our everyday lessons.


The children use and are familiar with the traffic light fans to share their feeling about a given learning objective.


For example:

Red = I need some more help with this.

Amber = I am getting there.

Green = I’m confident.


Children are also encouraged to evaluate their own work using our lesson success criteria (things to remember in our work) – for example: use of adjectives or correct punctuation.


Finally, if you do have any concerns, worries or questions, please come and see me at the end of the day, alternatively you can make an appointment to see me if you would like more time.

The children have certainly benefited from a very smooth transition into Year 5 and continue to be a pleasure to teach.  I look forward to a challenging but exciting and enjoyable year ahead.  I have high expectations for all the children and expect them to work hard.  I welcome and appreciate the support you can and already have offered.


Many thanks

Mrs Draycott

Year 5 Class Teacher 

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