The School Day


School Session Times


School Opens 08:45


Registration 08.55


Key Stage 1 & 2 Break time 10:45 – 11:00


Key Stage 1 Lunchtime 12:20– 13:30


Key Stage 2 Lunchtime 12:30 – 13:30


School Ends 15:20


N.B: These times do not apply to Reception Class children at the beginning of the Autumn Term.



Arrival and Departure


On arrival each day, children are asked to wait in the playground. A member of staff will be outside at 08:45, until the bell for lining-up is rung at 08:55


Children then line-up in their class groups and are escorted into the building by the class teachers.


The School cannot accept responsibility for children who are on the School premises before 08:45


The children are dismissed at 15:20. Parents and carers of Key Stage 2 children are asked to wait at the School gates. Those waiting for Reception Class and Key Stage 1 children are kindly requested to wait in a designated playground area. These children are then brought out in their class groups to be collected.



Travel to and from School


The safety of the children is paramount and parents are asked to ensure that parking does not cause hazards or restrictions.


Within South Woodham Ferrers town centre there are several free car parks.

Children from within the Parish boundaries are eligible for Free School Transport. You should reside the following distance from the School by the shortest available walking route, from your front gate (or property boundary) to the nearest School gate:


1.5 miles, or more, for KS1 pupils (ages 5 or 6)

2 miles, or more, for KS2 pupils (ages 7 to 10)


We have moved website. Please visit our new Christ The King Federation website at:

This existing website is no longer valid and will be removed at the end of December 2020. 


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